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If you are a grease collector or a food manufacturing plant that is looking to get the best money for your oil; you’ve come to the right place.  Grease Management Solutions will pay top dollar for large quantity of oil exceeding 1000 gallons or above.

How much is my used cooking oil or food grade oil worth?

We base our purchasing price on the Jacobsen index as a pricing guide as well as the quality and quantity of the oil that we are purchasing. Oils that are filtered, have low moisture, impurities and does not exceed a 8% free fatty acid level are paid premium pricing versus oils that have not been filtered.  Pricing of waste oil fluctuates therefore to get current price for your product please call our office at 888-263-6637.  When buying oil we will price out per pound which coverts to 7.5 pounds per gallon.

What areas do you buy from?

Our business is located in Southern California but we can provide trucking for large amount of oils if necessary.  Please note that if you are a grease waste hauler, you must be registered with the CDFA and your license must be up to date.  We can purchase used or waste food grade cooking oils throughout California, Nevada and Arizona.

Sell Used Cooking Oil and Food Grade Waste Oil
Used Cooking Oil Buyer

How can we sell oil to you and how do we get paid?

The process is simple.  If you are a hauler, you can call in for an appointment and we will have a time slot available for you to drop off versus getting in line.  We will need to weigh in your load, test your product, offer a price (Based On The Quality of Oil), offload, and pay you on the spot the same day.  If you are an cooking oil, food manufacturing plant, a logistic company facility, etc. we will get the weight of your product and pay once the product is received via check or ach.

Do you pick up from our location?

If you are a food manufacturing plant or have over 1000 gallons of oil and are located in Southern California, we are able to provide you with collection service.

Do you purchase used cooking oil from restaurants?

We do not purchase used cooking oil from restaurants or any location that have less than 500 gallons at a time.  For retail service grease collection please call 888-696-9906.

What types of oil do you purchase?

We will purchase all food grade oil:


Sell Used Cooking Oil and Food Grade Waste Oil
Used Cooking Oil Buyer

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