Grease Trap Odor Control | Grease Interceptor Smell Removal

How to get rid if grease trap smell?

Grease Trap odor removal | removal of grease interceptor smell
Grease trap and grease Interceptor odor control.

A smelly grease trap or grease interceptor can definitely scare customers away making customers wonder about the quality and freshness of meals being served at your restaurant.

Best way to get rid of grease TRAP and GREASE interceptor odors.

If you have not serviced your device for quite some time this may be the reason why your grease gravity device is starting to stink.  GT and GI’s trap food and grease waste so if you have not cleaned your trap for over a month or the grease interceptor for nearly 3 months, this could be your issue. Both devices trap food and over time when it sits long enough the waste can become rotten causing it to become unbearable to handle. It is imperative to do a scheduled grease trap cleaning service to prevent unwanted odors or plumbing issues to arise.

If you have recently serviced the device and are still getting some foul odor you could have plumbing issues.  Check the drain system for any damages and make sure your p traps are hold water stopping any hideous smell from leaving the pipes.  If all lines have been checked and the p trap have been checked and refilled with water but the smell problem has not gone away, it may be a good idea to perform a smoke test to determine where the stench is being released from.

Lastly, it is important to check the seals of the grease trap.  Over time these seals can wear out and no longer be effective not properly sealing the grease trap or grease interceptor.  All or if not majority of grease gravity separators covers will have a factory seal designed to prevent these unwanted odor from being release.  A worn out seal can cause the odors from being trapped inside the device which is why you are probably having encounter harsh odors.

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Grease Trap and Grease Interceptor Odors Are Caused By Many Factors Such As Lack of Service, Corroded Seals, Improper Ventilation, Broken Plumbing Lines, and Much More.

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