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Used Cooking Oil Recycling Service

Commercial food servicing establishments are required to have attain a waste cooking oil collection service by a state licensed inedible kitchen grease hauler also known as IKG haulers.  These licensed collectors must comply with all regulations set by the state and dispose or recycle the used cooking grease at a rendering or collection center.

How to Properly Choose a Used Cooking Oil Collection Company?

When choosing a company to collect used cooking oil you must be sure that they are licensed and certified by the state.  IKG Haulers are required to have every vehicle registered with the state and must have an IKG sticker posted on the windshield of their vehicle with a current TK number.

Cooking Oil Collection Near Me | Restaurant Oil Pick Up | Free Used Cooking Oil Removal
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Aside from having a current IKG Haulers permit, it is to the best interest of the business owner that the company they are hiring have the proper insurance coverage as a protection in case of any accident that can occur during the service.  Handling and collecting waste cooking oil will require heavy duty machinery therefore; in case of any accidents the business owner will be liable for any damage that may occur.Licensed used cooking oil collectors must provide a manifest report as proof of service after every pick up.  When city or health inspectors come by for audits, they can demand a proof of service (manifest) from the management team to make certain that all waste oil is being disposed properly.  Without the proper documentation, the official can cite the location for failing to comply with city or health department regulations.

Above all, when choosing a grease collection company, it is advantageous to select a full service grease establishment that can provide a full service kitchen management solutions such as: used cooking oil collection, grease trap cleaning, plumbing, pressure washing, etc..  Companies that can offer an array of service will be likely to provide you a multi service discount which can save you tremendously in the long run. Furthermore, having one company to providing you majority of the kitchen specialty needs simplifies and can eliminate any hassles of uncertainty of what service is necessary when any issues arise.

Full Service Commercial Kitchen Specialist

At Grease Management Solutions, we work with a team of commercial kitchen specialist that understands commercial kitchens.  Our decades of combined experience have given us the knowledge and understanding the importance of our roll when it comes to assisting our customers.  If you are in search of a trusted and well rounded grease company throughout Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties; you have definitely found the right company that’s suited to deliver to your needs.

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