Used Cooking Oil Collection Service For Restaurants

When disposing used cooking oil from commercial kitchen there are many things that you should be aware of.   To begin with, food servicing establishments that have waste cooking oil are required by the city and health inspectors to employ a licensed company to collect and properly dispose the waste at a disposal or recycling facility.  All grease collectors must be current and have all the proper licenses in order to legally collect the oil from the facility.  Upon every collection, it is required that a manifest report is left with the business as a certification that the waste oil was removed in compliance with all regulations set by the local municipalities.  During every routine inspection, the city official will ask for proof of service and failing to provide them can lead to citation and fines.


Why Choose Harbor Bio Grease Management Solution

It is important that you have the proper storage for the cooking oil waste that you need to dispose of. We have various sizes that we can provide you depending on the amount of space available are your location. From 40 gallon indoor containers to 200 gallon outdoor tanks, we have the right storage for you. Based on the amount of used cooking oil you are disposing we will make a routine schedule to prevent any hassles of container overflow. In any circumstance that your container fills up faster than anticipated, you can request an immediate pick up by calling our office.

At Harbor Bio Grease Management Solutions, rest assure that we will keep you in full compliance when it comes to grease disposal. We not only provide you with a manifest report but also store these report in records in case our customers lose these reports. Let us provide you with the most reliable used cooking oil collection service by calling us at 888-696-9906.

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