Used Cooking Oil Collection Service

Restaurant Waste Cooking Oil Collection Service
Used cooking oil collection service in Southern California.

Commercial Grease Collection Service

If you have a food servicing establishment such as a restaurant, hotel, banquet hall, food manufacturing plant, etc., the city and health inspector makes it mandatory as part of best management practice to employ a licensed grease hauler.

A licensed IKG hauler must provide a manifest form as proof that the oils and grease are being collected and properly disposed.  Without a proper manifest, the inspector can cite and fine the business for failing to comply with regulations.

How to choose a grease collection company

It is important that when hiring a grease hauler that they are in full compliance with all regulations set by the local ordinance. All haulers must hold a IKG hauling permit and without it, you are technically not in compliance. Furthermore, waste cooking oil containers must be always kept clean to prevent any unwanted pests from being attracted. Food waste is the most common reason why rats and rodents are invited in which can be a health hazard. Lastly, finding a company that is local can be very beneficial to eliminate any bottle neck that can occur. For instance, oil waste that is not collected on time can accumulate which can be a burden especially if you need to change your fryer oil.

How to set up used cooking oil collection service

If you are looking to get set up with a reliable waste oil collection service that will provide you with top service quality, you have come to the right place. To set up service please call 888-511-4645.

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