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Waste Oil Collection Service

Although, hospitals and schools do not use a whole lot of cooking oil, it is still necessary for them to have a proper storage for waste grease.   Recently, city inspectors are tightening up when it comes to FOGS ( Fats, Oils, Grease and Solids ) program by actively going companies generate any type of grease.

It is a requirement by the city waste sanitation district for all food servicing establishment to have a proper waste oil container.  Furthermore, it is also the responsibility of the establishment that the collection company is a licensed inedible kitchen grease hauler.  Failing to provide proof of collection can lead to citation by the city.

Grease Collection Service

In no doubt, when dealing with Grease Management you are always in good hands.  Our team consists of licensed inedible waste kitchen hauler that is in full compliant with all CDFA regulations mandated by the city, county and state.  Aside from keeping you in compliant, we are also ready to assist you with all the necessary documentation during every collection service.  Get to know us and see why we are the #1 upcoming grease servicing company in California by calling us at 888-696-9906.