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  • Used Fryer Oil Collection

Waste Oil Collection Service

As a food manufacturer or supermarket, audits by the city and health inspectors are more likely to occur versus other food servicing establishments.  To prevent any hassle given by the city health inspectors or the waste water districts, it is important that the company hired is properly licensed by the city, county and state as a IKG waste hauler. 

Grease Management offers efficient used cooking oil collection service for food manufacturing plants and supermarket chains.   Our company will ensure that you are in full compliant with any city, county and state regulations in regards to your waste cooking oil disposal. 

Used Cooking Oil Storage Tanks

Tailored to your needs, we have various sizes of containers available for you.  Depending on the amount of oil waste produced and the storage space available, our professionals will provide you with the best option available.  Furthermore, our used cooking oil collection service will be engineered to coincide with your schedule.   Whether you are in need of a scheduled pick up or on demand collection service, we will make certain that we deliver to your expectations. 

Grease Collection Service

Grease Management's team consists of licensed IKG haulers that are in full compliant with all CDFA regulations mandated by the city, county and state. Our services are tailored to meet our customers ever business needs.  Contact us today and get to know why we are the #1 upcoming grease servicing company in California by calling us at 888-696-9906.