Choosing The Right Cooking Oil Collection Company

It’s no longer out of the norm when health inspectors are adamant about keeping waste cooking oil containers and the surrounding area clean at all times.

Food waste is one of the leading cause of attracting unwanted pest issues such as rat problems. The fact that the food debris or oil spillage are the best food source for rodents, cockroaches and/or other wildlife. Having these pests poses a health hazard leading to store closure and most of all unwanted bad publicity. To cure the pest problem a rodent control specialist must be hired placing traps and a food waste oil specialist to clean the surrounding area.

Once a new container has been placed and the surrounding area has been cleaned, preventative maintenance is a must. It takes joining efforts to ensure that area is always at its best. For the person disposing the oil, he or she must be cautious and if any spill occurs to immediately take action in cleaning the contamination.

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On the other hand, when the used cooking oil is being collected and removed, it is important that the waste oil collection company are making certain that the container is cleaned after every service. The waste oil hauler will wipe down the container with a degreaser to prevent heavy contamination. In an incident that the container is fully contaminated, a complete exchange will occur.

Keep your establishment clean, safe and in compliance. Best management practice combined with having a reliable cooking oil collection company can be very beneficial to your restaurant.

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