Emergency Grease Interceptor Pumping Service (Overflow)

Emergency Grease Interceptor Pumping Service

Grease Interceptor Pumping Service
Restaurant Grease Interceptor Overflowing

When you restaurant grease interceptor overflows it important to immediately stop using any water from the kitchen to prevent any additional waste from spilling out of the manhole.  It is important to block off the contaminated area to prevent any accident from occurring.  If possible clean up any spills using absorbent or place barriers to stop the waste liquids from spreading.

Once you have manage or contained the contamination, it is important to call a grease pumping company to request service of you grease trap or interceptor has not been serviced recently.  Most common reason for grease interceptor overflow are typically from lack of service but if you have recently pumped your device, it could be due to plumbing issues.  

Requesting For Emergency Pumping Service

Emergency pumping service can be very costly therefore it is important to make sure that when requesting a grease removal service that you are making a wise decision.  At Grease Management Solutions we make the best efforts in assisting our customers with grease interceptor issues.  We take the time to get the know the problem by asking important questions so that we can provide you with best possible solution to fix your  issues.

Most Common Cause of Grease Intercecptor Overflow
  • Lack of Maintenance
  • High Grease and Solid Content
  • Fallen Baffle T Pipe
  • Main Grease Line Blockage
  • Sump Pump or Sewer Ejector Pit Failure
  • Sewer Line Blockage
  • Baffle T Connection Blockage
  • Broken Line

If you are experiencing back up causing your grease interceptor to top off releasing grease waste all over the ground, it is imperative to take immediate action to prevent any costly fines from the city or sewer district.  Fats, oils, grease and solids waste entering the storm drains or the city sanitation line is very costly to clean up and require specialty hazmat team to do it.  By not taking immediate actions you are risking heavy clean up fines.  Call us now at 888-696-9906 for fast service.


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