How To Clean a Grease Interceptor | Servicing A Grease Trap

Grease Trap and Grease Interceptor FOGS Removal. We Provide Manifest Certification For All Grease Pumping
Pumping and Cleaning of Commercial Grease Trap and Interceptor For Commercial Kitchen.

Cleaning a grease Interceptor due to its large size must be done by a licensed inedible kitchen waste hauler.  Removal of all FOGS content are done by a special equipment such as a vacuum truck that have a large gallon capacity enough to take out the content of the device completely. Interceptors are typically pumped by a tanker truck with a capacity of 1000 gallons or more. It is per city ordinance that grease traps and interceptors must be fully pumped out and no FOGS content should be left behind during every complete pumping service.  Furthermore, the hauler shall provide a proper manifest report as proof that the waste collected is being hauled and disposed by a state approved company.  Failing to attain this documentation can lead to citation or fines.

Indoor Grease Trap Service and Waste Disposal
Indoor Grease Trap Cleaning

As for small indoor grease traps, cleaning the device can be simple but very messy.  If you choose to do the cleaning yourself we highly suggest to have all the proper equipment and tools.  Furthermore, all FOGS waste collected must be properly disposed at a licensed facility remain in compliance with city regulations.

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