LA County Rendering Feeling Pressure (Baker Commodities, Dar Pro, West Coast Rendering, Farmer John)

With Hill Canyon Water Treatment plant closing for the next 30 days or so what will this mean for restaurants and grease haulers. It is no secret, processing grease trap and interceptor waste is becoming more difficult and costly. There are only a handful treatment plant in Los Angeles and with Hill Canyon closing temporarily the question is where will their current vendors go?

Restaurants are already starting to see the cost of pumping grease from traps are starting to rise which may continue to go up. The city makes it mandatory for traps and intereceptors to be cleaned on averages every 4-12 weeks but unfornately there are very limited facilities that will take restaurant FOGS WASTE.

Getting waste water treatment plants out of Los Angeles County will cause prices to go higher. As of now, LA County santation district is not accepting any FOGS waste from haulers, but on the other hand city inspectors are putting heavy pressure to restaurants to make sure that they are not exceeding the 25% max FOGS capacity.

Rendering plants such as Baker Commodities, DarPro and West Coast Rendering are getting a lot of pressure from the AQMD due to odors and are forced make structural changes that can cost millions. These facilities are given 3 1/2 years to install enclosures that will keep odors from being released. With the cost of remodelling and increase of processing it is likely that FSE’s will have to get use to seeing a big increase in pumping cost.

In order keep the cost down for Los Angeles County, they must start accepting grease trap and interceptor waste from haulers similar to Orange County Sanitation District. Processors in Los Angeles County can charge up to $0.45 per gallon compared to Orange County where disposal of in county (Orange County) waste averages at $.08 in disposal cost after adjustments.

In efforts to keep processing cost down in Los Angeles County, all FSE’s and haulers can file a complaint with the city and well as the sanitary district as a start. Without taking action pricing for grease removal can double within the next year.

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