Oil & Grease Spill Clean Up Orange & Los Angeles County

Oil and Grease Spill Clean Up Service
Oil and Grease Spill Clean Up Service

Grease and Oil spills can be a burden for the business and can be costly if not attended too immediately. Oils and grease spills will stain the ground if it’s not cleaned immediately.

Before attempting to clean up the spill it is important to alleviate the situation by containing the spill and preventing it from spreading any further contaminating any storm or sewer drains. Grease and oil spills are very slippery so be very careful when cleaning up the mess.

Once a barrier is placed, use absorbent or cloth to soak up the spillage.  For large amount of spill we highly suggest to call a grease and oil spill specialist that have all the necessary or proper equipment to thoroughly remove all contamination.  Do not use any water to wash away the spillage because it will only spread the contamination and expand the affected area.

Once the spill have been absorbed use high pressure water, commercial degreaser and a water recovery system to prevent it from entering the storm drains.  Storm drains go directly to the ocean therefore if the spill have gone into the storm drain, we highly suggest for you to call a professional.

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Major Cause of Grease Spills: Grease Trap Overflow, Oil Disposal, Oil Transport, Topping off Oil, Tank Leaks

2 Replies to “Oil & Grease Spill Clean Up Orange & Los Angeles County”

  1. We have been informing that when restaurants fail to pump and clean their grease trap they are jeopardizing the plumbing that can lead to overflow. I am sure that you agree cleaning a grease trap regularly will help prevent grease spills and overflows that can be very costly to clean up.

    1. Yes, we do agree that these devices should be pumped and clean thoroughly to prevent costly clean-up when they do the overflow. Los Angeles County requires that outdoor grease interceptors are to be pumped and cleaned every quarter to be compliant. Grease spills from grease traps are a hazard and very costly to clean up especially when it enters the storm drains.

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