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If you were a customer of Cari Recycling, you might have noticed that there is now a new company that is collecting your cooking oil. In 2019, Cari Recycling, one of the oldest grease companies in Southern California, was acquired by another entity. Many have seen a drastic change in service quality upon the take over since the previous owner is no longer part of the daily operations.

Since the takeover, customers are being placed under contract to ensure that the client stays within the company. Many of these current customers are not too happy, having gone to a commitment that one day they may regret getting into and are opting out of signing the contract agreement.

While most are afraid of being under a commitment, no company can force customers into staying with them in the service industry, especially the oil collection service. For instance, if an oil receptacle is full or overflowing, it can attract unwanted pests such as rodents, roaches, or even worse because it can lead to a dangerous accident. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that rescinding and opting out would be as difficult as it seems, especially if they are failing to handle their end of the deal.

Aside from being placed under contract, the services that Cari Recycling used to provide its clients have now limited mostly oil collection since the new firm does not have an outlet to dispose of a large amount of grease trap and grease interceptor waste.

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It's becoming a challenge for clients because it is a nuisance to have different businesses providing grease management services: used cooking oil collection and grease trap or grease interceptor pumping. The old structure of Cari Recycling as a one-stop-shop has now depleted, forcing the clients to search for another provider to perform the several services that once one company was doing for them.

Southern California has one of the enormous numbers of food servicing establishments and likely to have higher regulations. It is significant for new companies to conform to Californian's need to establish a successful business. Restaurants in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties are accustomed to being catered too, which is why it is Cari Recycling's customers are feeling a 180-degree change.

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