Restaurant Used Cooking Oil Theft

Grease theft has become a big problems for both restaurant and grease collection companies. Used cooking oil thieves have been known to lurk at night scouting area that have grease containers outside which make it easier for them take oil from. Typically they are very careless often spilling oil on the ground causing a mess that can be very hazardous and dangerous to the public. Therefore, when if you see or notice that the company collecting your oil is not same company, be sure to contact us or call the local authorities.

Grease Collection Report

When used cooking oil is picked up from you location, it is important to attain a manifest report to show city inspectors during facility audit. Without this paperwork, they are able to cite the establishment for not being in compliant with city grease disposal regulations. Since most grease thieves are not licensed no records are ever provided for the customers to show the inspectors. Therefore, it is important to ensure that grease containers are at a secured location so that it is not easily accessible for anyone to steal or take.

Report Grease Theives

In most cases used cooking oil thieves are often seen collecting at night of early morning when there’s very little amount of people around. Typically, their trucks are unmarked without any company logo or name on the door. If you do suspect any usual activity immediately call the local authorities or call 855-HIT-GREASE.


In efforts to put a stop on grease theft the CDFA is currently offerring $500 reward for all arrest leading to a conviction. With a rising number on theft we are taking every step to stop theft from occurring. On top of CDFA reward, Grease Management Solutions is also adding another $500 reward for any arrest leading to convictions.

Grease Management Solution

As a partner customer we believe that it is priority you receive the best grease services available.  By forming a strategic network alliance; we are now able to provide you with immediate response time to ensure that your grease related needs don’t suffer.  Let Grease Management Solutions be a choice for all your kitchen grease related needs... View More

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