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It is not uncommon for hotels having the need for grease collection service.   While most hotels will have large commercial kitchens for their banquets or restaurants, they are still accountable to abide by the same regulations as any other food servicing establishments.  As a licensed grease collection company, all grease pick up we perform are given a unique manifest report as proof for the city sanitation district.  Also, known as form IKG form 124, it is imperative that the company that is picking up the used cooking oil to be able to provide this form for every collection service. 

Grease Management solutions understands that the in hospitality industry, it is important to accommodate to the needs of your customers.  Therefore, it is not only necessary to have a clean container; the logistics will also be a factor to make sure that we do not inconvenience any guest while they are resting. The collection service can be performed during the time that is convenient for you and your guest. Furthermore, during every pick up our technicians will always your container unpolluted and all the necessary certifications that you will need in case of an audit.

Grease Mangement & Recycling For Hotels

Not only that the services we provide are designed to satisfy to the needs of our valued clients, you will also be working with a true licensed IKG hauler.   Let us join your team and call us today to schedule a grease collection service.