Get Rid of Bad Grease Trap and Interceptor Smell.

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Odor can cause humiliation for the business driving customers away from dining in or ordering out. Having a foul plumbing odor coming into or from the restaurant can affect business negatively causing the business to lose customers.  Therefore, if you are experiencing awful ghastly stench it may be to your best interest to resolve the problem immediately to protect the business good reputation.

Is The Bad Odor Affecting Your Business?

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Resolving an odor problem can be as simple as hydro jetting the pipes or as difficult as line tracing the complete plumbing system.  The only challenge is locating where a particular odor is coming from, this is because of the differing pressures of air and water that is moving on the drains shifting direction.  There are many factors that cause odors in the plumbing system such as; filthy pipelines, broken P traps, broken or filthy grease trap / interceptor, bad ventilation system, etc.  Therefore, when detecting odor it is typical for us to practice a process of elimination. 

Most Common Cause of Bad GI & GT Smell

  • Great traps and or interceptors are one of the main causes of unpleasant odors especially it has not been pumped or cleaned properly. 

  • If you have a broken p-trap, this may be reason why you are experiencing a bad odor.  P-traps are designed to act as a stopper for odors to be released from the drains.

  • Dirty plumbing over time will have heavy sludge build up on the walls that need to be blasted with a hydro jetting machine.

  • It is not common but shifting of pipe line can happen causing odors to be release.  To locate the problem a smoke test will be necessary to find the source.

  • If you have a grease trap or grease interceptor, placement of the ventilation will play an important role.  Be sure to locate and make sure that the vent is located away from the building.

Tracing an odor problem can be a difficult task for someone who has no experience.  If you need a professional to assist you with odor detection, we are here to assist you.  Call us today at 888-696-9906 to speak with a specialist.

Why Grease Traps & Interceptors Have Bad Odor?

If you pass the kitchen wastewater through grease interceptor, the animal fats and vegetable oils rise to the surface in the trap hence trapped using a system of baffles. Once this grease and oils is captured it fills the trap from the top down releasing somehow clean water through the bottom side of the trap and directly to the sewer line. You can later clean the trap to remove the mat of grease. These vegetable oils and animal fats would otherwise make the water to have unpleasant smell but the Grease trap is quite efficient in eradicating such odors.

Importance of Grease Trap and Interceptor Odor Detection Service

  • Eliminate kitchen flies

Once the kitchen waste water is passed through the grease interceptor it minimizes the kitchen flies that could have otherwise been attracted by the bad odor.

  • Prevent ghastly unpleasant odor

You can continue with your kitchen activities without any worries of offending customers.  By pin pointing the cause of the odors, we are able to put an end to the problem

Odor Detection Service

If you are experiencing having a bad odor at your business we can help you find and provide a cure to solve the problem. Call us today to schedule a odor locator service at 888-696-9906.

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