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When working with Grease Management Solutions, rest assure that you are dealing with highly qualified professionals that specializes in commercial kitchen services.

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Managing a restaurant can be overwhelming at times and the importance of a smooth workflow in the kitchen can definitely reduce the amount of stress that kitchen staff has to go through.  

We believe that our grease collection service for your restaurants play a big roll, not just in your daily production but also in keeping you in compliance.  Per the waste water district rules and regulations, all grease waste must be disposed of properly in a storage container and collected by a licensed inedible kitchen grease hauler. 

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Disposal of waste cooking grease can be the last thing on restaurants staffs mind.  Though, it can be the biggest setback especially when your grease container is completely full and have no more room for you to dispose your waste cooking grease into.  At Grease Management we take great pride in providing you with efficient and fast response service.  We understand that importance of our roll in your restaurant kitchen therefore; we will ensure you efficient and fast response time.  Our team consists of dependable licensed grease collection service affiliates determined to provide you with nothing less than excellent service.  By forming a strategic alliance, we are able to provide every customer with the best service response time compared to our competitors.

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    During every pick up from your restaurant, the collector must provide a service receipt also known as a manifest as proof that the used cooking grease is properly being disposed.  At anytime the city inspector can come unexpectedly and request to view those service receipts.  Failing to provide proof can lead to citations and fines.  Therefore, it is important that the facility only work with licensed haulers to prevent them from receiving any costly violations.  As a team of licensed haulers we will make sure that you are in compliant with any regulations set by the city inspectors.  Not only will we provide you with the proper documentation we also are by your side for any audits, if necessary.

    As a company we understand the restaurant business can be stressful.  In which it is our mission to make sure that we provide you with the best used cooking oil collection service to give you one less thing to worry about. Call us today to toll free 888-696-9906 schedule a used fryer or collection service.

    Grease & Waste Used Cooking Oil Recycling & Removal Service

    If the oil and the grease are not handled properly, especially if they are not picked up by a dependable Waste Fryer Oil Collection Service you may encounter a waste oil pile up making it hard for you to change your fryer oil due to lack of storage. We understand the importance of providing immediate service making certain that you are not being held back from changing your waste oil. As a team of grease collectors we typically are able to immediately respond to our customer’s request. We make every effort to respond to emergency pick up and will do our best to get to your location in a timely manner.

    Why you need to handle grease and oil problem properly

    Every restaurant in this country has to meet the safety regulation and standard. While the standard and regulation may be different from one state to another or one city to another, the general idea is actually the same. All restaurants has to provide a good standard of hygiene and safety not only to the restaurant and the people who work there, but also to the environment or people who live surrounding the restaurant. When you fail to meet the standard, you may be called by the local authority. Thus, when dealing with waste of grease and oil, it is better for restaurant owners or staff like yourself to call the best Waste Fryer Oil Collection Service to help you remove your used cooking oil.

    We Keep it Clean

    Most of the best Waste Fryer Oil Removal Service will use a state of the art tool and equipment to deal with the oil and grease. The service will usually utilize commercial vacuum pump to make sure that there is no more oil and grease left in your waste oil container.

    Get Free Used Cooking Oil Pick up & Recycling Service

    Getting started with you free collection service for your Restaurant is simple. You can either call 888-696-9906 or email us at info@greasemanagement.org providing us your contact information. You will be directed to an account manager and within 24-48 hours you will receive the grease storage container to store your used cooking oil into. Our certified grease hauling technician will provide you with a container suited for your restaurant; small indoor tank or outdoor receptacle. We will create a scheduled pick up service but please note that if your container is full before our scheduled pick up date, please feel free to contact us to schedule an earlier collection service. After collecting the oil from the storage tank, we will provide you with a written manifest for your record in case the city inspector request for a copy. In case of a lost or misplaced manifest, please contact our office for a copy. The manifest report will provide the summary of waste oil collected and the destination of where the used cooking oil from your restaurant is going to be recycled.

    Used Cooking Oil Storage Container

    All restaurants have different requirements when comes to sizes of storage containers for used cooking grease. Therefore, we are please to let you know that we provide variety of different containers to suit your needs. Our specialty containers come in different shapes and sizes to suit your requirements. From 30 gallon indoor containers to 250 gallon outdoor tanks; we have it for you.

    Scheduled or on Demand Collection

    Whether you are looking for a scheduled or on demand collection service, we are here for you. As a company we understand the importance of making sure that your kitchen is always running at its full potential. Unable to be able to change your fryer oil can become a hassle and cause a bottle neck effect to your production. Choose a company that you can depend on by calling us at 888-696-9906 today.

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