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Sump pumps also known as ejector or pit pumps are designed to assist with forcing the water out to the main or city sewer line when there is an upward slope that make it difficult for water to travel up stream. In normal conditions, pipelines are typically designed with down grade in which the water can just travel with the help of gravity. Therefore, in an incident when waste water has to travel upwards installing a pump will be necessary.

It is not very common that ejector or sump pump problems is the last thing on anyones mind. Since these units usually require very little maintenance as long as the lift station is being serviced or cleaned on a timely manner pump failure is not very common.  Though, when these pumps stop working it is important to have them repaired or replaced immediately to avoid any overflows inside the lift station or the grease trap - interceptor. 

Pit Pumps | Ejector Pumps

If you have ever had pump fail inside the lift station, you already know how much of a hassle that can be.  Pump failure can cause the pit station or interceptor to overflow creating a huge spillage of waste water such as sewer or grease.  To get the maximum life for these pumps, it is highly suggersted that the pits are maintained or pumped in a timely mannyer. Though after a while, eventually these pumps will give out and eventually need to be replace or repaired.  When there is a faulty pump inside the lift station, the alarm will go off as a warning sign that there is a problem.  Therefore, when the warning noise sounds, be sure to check and make sure that the pit station is clean or the water in the station is not overflowing.  We highly suggest that when this occurs that a professional trouble shoots the pump before resetting it. 

Ejector Pump Troubleshoot

When you hear the alarm go off, it is usually a good indicator that there is problems with the ejectors. The issure can be resolved as simple as resetting the pump or can be as difficult as replacing it. If the pump is resetted be sure to monitor it and if the alarm keeps going off, it is a good sign that there is something wrong with the unit. Since these units run on electric power, we highly suggest to have a professional to trouble shoot the unit.

If you are experiencing troubles with your sump pumps and are looking for a dependable company that can repair of replace them, you've come to the right place. Our pump specialist can troubleshoot and provide you with a solution on the spot. Call us now at 888-696-9906 for immediate assistance.