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As we all know, we may never get a second chance to make a first impression.  As a business it is important to maintain a reputation of having a clean establishment, not only for the safety of your customers but also to attract new clients. 

When a grease interceptor overflows or a large of cooking oil spills on your property, it is imperative to immediately take actions to prevent heavy fines, closure and / or accidents.  Grease spills can be very difficult to remove especially if not attended to immediately.  When grease spills or overflow, it is imperative to immediately form a barrier to control it from going any further that it needs to.   Habitually, many will use water to wash down the spill but this can do more harm than good because it will only make the contagion further than it needs to. 

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High Pressure Washing With Water Recovery.

When washing down or pressure washing to clean up grease or oil spill it is important to have the proper tools such as a water recovery system to ensure that no water will go to city sewer lines. The fact that once the contamination pollutes the city lines, they have the right to close down the business and oblige the them to use only the city approved vendors to do the clean up. City vendors will typically be more costly, in many cases more than double since they have all the licenses and endorsements such as hazmat, confined space, higher insurance coverage, etc.. Therefore, it is very important that when you are victim of oil spill to be prepared by having the proper spill kit: absorbent, pressure washer, barriers, safety cones, and solutions.

Grease stains or spots can be very hazardous for the people driving and walking on them. Grease and oil stains are known can be very slippery especially when it rains or if in contact with water. It is essential that when there are build up of grease or oil to ensure that it is completely cleaned for the safety of the public. Failing to properly clean grease and oil build up can cause major accidents, which can lead to major lawsuits resulting in serious injuries to financial and social health of your business.

Cooking Oil & Grease Spill Clean Up

You can get professional high pressure washing services to get the grease or oil spillage at your business. Removal of hazardous matter in parking or trash enclosure is important because it will reduce the risk of accidents and heavy fines. The service providers ensure proper grease spill cleaning with proper solution and the necessary equipment.

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