Why Is Grease Coming Out Of My Grease Trap?

If you are currently having trouble with you grease trap that you have recently service such as overflow or blockage, you may have issues with your plumbing. When FOGS devices are neglected or are not serviced regularly, likelyhood of it contaminating your pipelines is huge. Therefore, it is important to clean these devices on a regular basis to protect your lines and costly clean up. Since grease traps or interceptors only trap out approximately 80% of the FOGS waste from the kitchen it is without a doubt that plumbing line will get contaminated with grease and gunk that causes blockage. This is a very common occurrance especially when the gravity device and plumbing lines are not on a scheduled maintenance.

How to Fix an Overflowing?

Before finding a solution to fix your problem there a few information that is needed in order to provide the best resultion. In other words, just because a grease trap is overflowing it does not mean that it needs to be pumped out. For a free consultation you can call our support team at 888-696-9906.

Why is Grease Oozing Out?

Remember that there are three type of waste inside the device; grease, water and solids. When grease trap or grease interceptor overflows the primary waste that will be released are the oils on top of the water because it settles on the top. Therefore, if you are experiencing overflow it is imperative to stop using water in the kitchen to stop it from overflowing and immediately clean up the spillage using absorbents.

Majority of overflows are caused by line blockage on the exit line not letting the water out to the sanitary line if the device has been recently service. Though, if the device has not been serviced for some time the likelihood of the of the overflow is due to it being full and both pumping and hydro jettin must be performed in order to restore the flow. For immediate assistance with grease trap or grease interceptor overflow, call us today at 888-696-9906.

Grease Management Solution

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