The price to pump and clean both devices will differ based on the size and condition. Since grease traps and grease interceptors vary in sizes from 5 gallons up to 5000 gallons, size will have an influence on the cost of pumping out the device. Therefore, it is important to know the size of the device in order for a company to provide you with an estimate. Furthermore, devices that have been neglected versus one’s that are on maintenance schedule are typically more difficult to clean, higher labor and disposal cost. For that reason, it is highly suggested to be pro active when it comes to cleaning your FOGS separator to prevent having to pay higher prices.

The range to clean and pump a grease trap or interceptor can vary from $175-$1500 depending on the condition and size of the device. To learn more about grease trap and interceptor cleaning cost, please contact us at 888-696-9906.

When Should I Clean My Grease Trap?

Cities abide by the 25% rule which is when authorities determine a grease trap or FOG separator is full. For example, a device of 1000 gallons should not have over 250 gallons (25%) FATS, OILS, GREASE and SOLID content. If so, the device must be pumped and cleaned immediately to prevent any citation from being given.

Can I Get Free Grease Trap or Interceptor Pumping?

NO. There is a huge difference between used fryer oil and grease going into the grease trap or interceptor. Grease trapped inside the interceptor contains high amount of acid and contaminants in which makes it brown grease. The oils going into the trap are contaminated with chemicals from the kitchen such as: dishwashing soap, cleaning products, etc.

Grease Trap & Interceptor Preventative Maintenance

Recently, cities are becoming very active when it comes to grease trap maintenance due to a large increase of city sewer sanitation overflows. The fact that we have more than quadrupled the number of FSE’s; restaurants, cafeterias, food manufacturers, etc. we have also increased the amount of FOGS pollution on the city sanitation line. For this reason, cities are now becoming more pro active when it comes to grease trap and interceptor maintenance.

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What Determines The Price of Cleaning a Grease Trap or Interceptor?

The factors that will affect the pricing of pumping and cleaning a grease trap or grease interceptor is the condition of the device. Units that are not maintaned and cleaned on a timely manner will have more grease and solids waste that can take longer to clean and more costly to dispose. All grease trap and interceptor waste are taken to a waste water processing plant where the waste is separated and treated. Waste that have over 25% percent FOGS are more costly to process which is why it is important to clean your trap or interceptor before it reaches that level. Due to rising cost of disposing waste water, food solids and brown grease from the grease traps or grease interceptors, waste water treatment plants are rapidly increasing their waste disposal fee.

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